Best Ways To Surprise A Proposal

Proposals get a lot of people worried and scared, not necessarily from the uncertainty of their spouse’s answers but, from how best to pull off an amazing proposal. You want your proposal to be one your spouse remembers fondly – one they will be willing to share the stories whenever they are asked. Well, to achieve this, you have to pull off something unique and surprising.

The big question is, how do you pull off a surprise marriage proposal? We will share a few tips to guide you, so you can calm your nerves and plan your proposal without so much anxiety.

1. Be Absolutely Prepared

The goal is to surprise your spouse with a proposal, not surprise yourself. Therefore, before you pop the question, you have to ensure you are fully prepared for the journey of forever with your partner. You also have to be prepared with all the information of what your spouse would love or hate about a proposal. You can get an idea of this from the discussions you’ve had while dating, or by asking some relevant questions covertly. Some of the questions you should get answers to, include;

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What kind of ring would your spouse like? Because obviously, nobody wants to be stuck wearing a ring they hate forever.

How public would your spouse want their proposal? You have to be sensitive to your spouse’s needs. You do not want to propose in a stadium full of people to your very private spouse.

Do they want to be married to you? Like it or not, some people can be in relationships they do not have hopes to make into marriages. Before you propose, you should be fairly certain your spouse also wants to be married to you.

2. Consider the Perfect Time

For most people, the holidays are their favorite time of the year to pop the question and get engaged. Research shows most engagements take place on Christmas Days, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Days. The reason for the high number of holiday proposals could be;

Holidays bring families together in celebration, and a proposal can be an added celebration signifying the start of a new family;

People want to have their proposals away from their busy work lives and schedules, and there’s no better time for this than the holidays.

However, besides the holidays, a lot of people also like a proposal coming at the end of a milestone. So you can explore the option of proposing marriage when you or your significant other is celebrating a major win.

3. Pick a Memorable Location

At this point in your relationship, you should have a sense of where your spouse would love to be engaged. If you do not, then pick a memorable spot where they love to spend so much time or where you first met. A favorite restaurant is always a great choice.

4. Pop the Question in a Unique Way

Finally, how you ask the question should be the biggest surprise. You want them screaming and genuinely happy, and this only comes at the cost of a beautiful surprise. So, don’t just blurt out the “will you marry me?” You want to ask the question in a unique way, by declaring how much they mean to you and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

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Ultimately, every element of a marriage proposal planning contributes to making the entire surprise a memorable one, so you want to be careful with every part of the planning. If you need any help planning a surprise marriage proposal for your partner, look no further than the Love Me Accessory team of love experts. Get helpful tips, deals on jewelry, freebies, and more with our newsletter, Love Me Notes. Subscribe Today!