Engagement Ring Styles

engagement ring styles, lovemeaccessory.com

Finding that perfect ring for your beloved can be a daunting task, especially if you are planning on surprising her with the proposal. Engagement rings are personal and you want to make sure you are choosing the exact ring that symbolize the love you have for each other. Because of this, there are so many options for ring settings and gemstones that anyone can get overwhelmed with making the right decision. If this sounds like you then you are in good company. Many people struggle on their quest to find the best engagement ring. This guide on engagement ring styles is dedicated to clearing some of the stress you may feel as well as provide the best insight on the popular styles I’m sure she will love.

Engagement Ring Settings

engagement ring styles, lovemeaccessory.com

Many people overlook the importance of the engagement ring setting as the first step in the buying process. The ring setting is the road map to your final destination, the perfect ring. The journey has to start on the ring design, and that is what the setting does. It is the blueprint to your engagement ring design. Once you have the design in mind you can decide if you want a traditional diamond or another just as beautiful gem to be the center stone. Oh, and size doesn’t have to matter if you choose the right setting.  

engagement ring styles, lovemeaccessory.com

 A lot of jewelers offer a variation of engagement ring styles to choose from, in fact, hundreds of them. The designers at Gabriel & Co streamlined this process the best by giving you a  snapshot of what they can customize for you. They also advise to choose the design, or setting online and then book an appointment to see your selection live at one of their authorized dealers. 

Out of the 9 different settings Gabriel & Co offers (Halo, Double Halo, Three Stone, Straight, Solitaire, Three Stone Halo, Free Form, Wide band and Split Shank), I have narrowed the selection down to the top 3 most popular ring settings. 

1. The Solitaire

One of the most recognizable engagement ring styles, the solitaire emphasize is on the center stone. It is a classic setting available in prong, cathedral, semi-bezel, or bezel styles. The prong setting is a set of 4 or 6 metal brackets that hold the center stone in place. 

The Bobbi Ring is one of Gabriel & Co exclusive pieces due to the 14k white gold  roped band. The diamond is set on a 4 prong setting, holding this sparkler front and center. To view the full collection of solitaire engagement rings 

2. Halo Setting

Rising in popularity is the halo setting and for good reason. This setting is the hero of smaller sized center gemstones. The halo setting features smaller stones around the center stone of the ring, creating a “halo” effect. The smaller stones not only enhance the center stone brilliance but they can create a beautiful contrast of colors. 

One of the most famous engagement rings that fit the halo ring description is the one Kate Middleton received. 

Getty Images/ Samir Hussein

This ring encircled with diamonds creates a dramatic backdrop to the center sapphire stone, making this 12 carat sapphire look ginormous!

Halo settings also support a variety of stone shapes. Round, square, and pear shaped stones all look marvelous with a halo setting. A double halo is 2 rows of encircling stones around the center stone. This creates a more dramatic look by not only increasing the ring’s brilliance, but also it enhances the center stone making the appearance look larger. Check out more styles of this beautiful setting below

3. Split Shank

The Split Shank is used in many engagement ring designs. In this setting, the band of the ring separates as it reaches the center stone, creating a split appearance. 


The arms of the split shank is usually adorned with small stones or beads and the setting can be with or without a halo. 

The gap between the shank and the stone can be narrow or wide and these rings are the most unique because of their appeal. A lot of vintage-inspired rings have the Split Shank setting.

Take a peek at more Split Shank rings below

As you can tell, the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting the ring of her dreams.  In your quest I would recommend keeping an open mind and choose a ring that fits her personality.  Choosing a jeweler who allows flexible design options is also a plus. 

The Buying Process

Seeing the engagement ring in person is also vital in the buying process. Gabriel & Co understands this process completely by offering a free preview in one of their stores  at no obligation to you.

This free preview allows 2 ring selections of your choice to view and they will even go over gemstone choices for the center stone.  Gabriel & Co. also offers many guarantees, including a ring exchange program where you can exchange your ring for a new one of equal or lesser value, up to 1 year after purchase. Check out the total Gabriel & Co. experience  

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