Romantic Ways To Propose This Valentines Day

romantic ways to propose,

February 14th is the day reserved for love. This love can come in many forms, S.A.D (stands for single appreciation day), where singles take part in self-love, exchanging valentine’s between 3rd graders, or buying chocolates for your co-workers. Romance is in the air, and couples everywhere anticipate the possibility of something special happening. Valentine’s day is still one of the most popular days to get engaged. If you are planning to pop the question to your beloved, this article can help with romantic ways to propose this Valentine’s day.

The Origins of Valentine's Day

romantic ways to propose,

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the beginning of Valentines’s day started in ancient Rome. The Festival of Lupercalia celebrated the coming of spring and fertility. Some activities in this festival included men sacrificing goats and dogs and women lining up to be hit with her suitor’s recently killed animal. This ritual was practiced in the belief that the woman would become fertile.

There were also matchmaking lotteries where men would pick a name from a jar and that woman would be his date for the duration of the festival. If the match was a success, the relationship continued beyond the festivities. 

romantic ways to propose,

The name Valentine didn’t become associated with the day of love until much later. It wasn’t until the story of a bishops with the last name Valentine who was martyred over the sake of love resurfaced.

Legend has it that bishop St. Valentine was found guilty of secretly marrying couples during the war. Married men were excused from battle, so the bishop was defiant in the emperor’s bottom line to win the war. 

It was also known that St. Valentine was sending letters to his beloved from jail and his signature was “from your Valentine.” To be a crusader for love under dire constraints sums up with bishop St. Valentine stood for. It is understandable to see why the day for love adapted the named Valentines’.

Valentine's Day Is Worldwide

Today, Valentine’s day is celebrated across the globe with people expressing their affections with cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry. Many people also take this day to declare the ultimate display of love by proposing to their beloved. The Philippines holds the record of most marriage anniversaries on this day and it is popular countries like Britain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

The Spirit Of Romance

romantic ways to propose
Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

Many celebrities also use the spirit of romance Valentine’s day brings by proposing to their SO on this day. Couples like Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, Lady Gaga and Talyor Kinney, as well as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom all popped the question on Valentine’s Day.

If you are ready to start your forever with your beloved, congrats. This is a major step for everyone wanting to get married. And what better day than Valentines’s day to ask that special someone to spend the rest of life with you. Here are some tips to make sure your proposal is as romantic as the day is.

Romantic Ways To Propose

romantic ways to propose,

Romantic picnic-You can pop the question during a picnic with the woman of your dreams. It could be at the beach, your favorite hiking trail, or just about anywhere you love to hang out.

Family and friends dinner-Organize a family and friends dinner and propose to her in front off all of them. Have a band show up for surprise performance of your fiancé-to-be’s favorite love song.

Newspaper ad-Take out a full-page ad in a newspaper and take her on a picnic where you’ll be relaxing as you catch up on the latest news. Drop down on your knee just as she gets to the page. 

At the workplace-Turn up at her workplace armed with roses, champagne and present the ring as her workmates cheer.  

Propose on the radio –Figure out the time when she listens to the radio and call in to propose live on air. Have her call in to give her answer live on the air.

Concert –If a band the two of you are fans of is holding a concert in your city, you may use the event to your advantage and propose to your partner. Get in touch with the stage manager, and during a favorite song, sneak up behind her and present the ring.

Photo session –Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and your woman at a place of personal significance to both of you.  Take a few photos and look for an ideal moment where you’ll drop down on your knee.

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Ultimately, every element of a marriage proposal planning contributes to making the entire surprise a memorable one, so you want to be careful with every part of the planning. If you need any help planning a surprise marriage proposal for your partner, look no further than the Love Me Accessory team of love experts. Get helpful tips, deals on jewelry, freebies, and more with our newsletter, Love Me Notes. Subscribe Today!