The Halo Engagement Ring

The halo ring,

Trendy & Fashionable Halo Engagement Rings

the halo ring,
Eliana 14k white gold ring

This trendy and popular ring style was created to enhance the center stone brilliance. A halo ring can have up to 70 smaller stones surrounding the center stone enhancing the size of the center stone. Lately, many brides to opt for this ring style, mainly due to the beauty the halo engagement ring brings. 

Although they shine so bright, halo rings have a downside to them. With so many smaller stones comes prongs to hold them in place, and these prongs can get worn over time. Once a prong is worn the stone can become loose and fall out. Also, these types of rings are prone to snag on clothing and other things due to worn prongs in the setting. To preserve the halo ring’s integrity, many owners choose to wear their ring on special occasions, making this ring not suitable to wear every day.

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The Many Faces Of The Halo Ring

The Double Halo

Just like the name suggests, this ring style has double the smaller stones encircling the center stone, increasing its brilliance. The center stone can be any shape you’d like. Jewelers have made customizing a ring super easy these days

Kaylee 14k white gold double halo ring

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Three Stone Halo

The three-stone halo has a slightly different design where there are 3 center stones, one large middle stone, and 2 smaller stones on each side. Sometimes referred to as the past, present, and future rings, where each stone represents a timeframe. Usually, all three stones are engulfed with smaller stones, making this ring choice a sparkler for sure.

Lavender 14k white gold three stone halo

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