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Gabriel & Co. bridal engagement and wedding rings are among the finest in the world. Our exceptional craftsmen individually handcraft each ring with careful attention to detail and styling. Our diamond selection process guarantees superior quality, as each stone is thoroughly examined by an expert gemologist. Our bridal collections offer a variety of styles, as well as the flexibility to alter elements in order to create a unique heirloom. Additionally, custom-made rings can be created by our designers, so you may have a ring that is as rare as your relationship.

Handcrafted With Love
Gabriel and Co. Process and Standards

Gabriel & Co. upholds strict ethical standards, particularly those regarding sourcing. Each of our diamonds sold in jewelry settings is in full compliance with the certification system of the Kimberley Process, as defined by the United Nations. Under the guarantee system instituted by this process, each partner provides a certificate that attests the sourcing of diamonds from non-conflict countries. This ensures the credibility of diamond trade, eradicating the circulation of stones from countries in situations of armed conflict.

It's All in the Engagement Ring Setting

Michael O’Connor asks Jay Gilbert about the beautiful halo of the Coast Diamond collection and Shant Hovsepian from Danhov explains how each of their pieces is made for the center stone chosen by the bride-to-be.

Redefining Engaged

Love is the ultimate marvel and mystery, alchemy of passion, trust, respect and wonder, plus one rarely cited but absolutely essential ingredient – secrets. The knowledge the two of you share only with each other sets one’s relationship apart. So why shouldn’t your engagement ring offer a secret of its own? Behold Gabriel’s new array of settings that go beyond singular beauty, possessing stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artistry so subtly seductive they’re obvious only to the lucky man who chose it and the woman who treasures it every day. Reveal them to one and all if you so choose, or let your ring hold yet one more secret you can cherish together.

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